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Nokia G300 Pro vs. Xiaomi Mi 12: 16GB RAM, 108MP Cameras!

Xiaomi Mi 12

Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 Price, Release Date, and Full Specification! Don’t miss the new competition between Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 with glasses like 16GB RAM and 108MP camera today. See the winners of the upcoming two smartphones now!

Nokia G300 Pro

Nokia G300 Pro

Dear smartphone lover, today we will highlight the full details of the Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 devices. We will select the winning phone by competing for the features of these two excellent flagships.

Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 Display:

First, we will see which is the winner in the display section. The Nokia G300 Pro Specs offers a 6.9-inch LCD with a 4K resolution. Xiaomi Mi 12 Specs, on the other hand, offers a 6.81-inch QHD + Samsung E4 AMOLED 3200 × 1440 pixel resolution. So, we can say that Nokia Phone 6 is the winner in this round with a large resolution size

Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 Processor:

In terms of hardware, there has been fierce competition between the Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 smartphones. The Nokia G300 Pro smartphone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi 12 device boots the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G SoC. Looks like this time our winning Xiaomi phone for powerful processor!

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Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 RAM & ROM:

As for storage, the Nokia phone offers 8GB / 12GB RAM and 128GB / 256GB / 512GB internal storage (up to 256GB). On the other hand, Xiaomi Mobile comes with 12GB / 16GB RAM and two onboard storage options: 256GB / 512GB (no card slot). According to the software, the Nokia device runs the Android 11K operating system. When its rival Xiaomi runs Android 12. The Xiaomi phone can be declared the winner in this round.

Xiaomi Mi 12

Xiaomi Mi 12

Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 Cameras:

Camera Nokia G300 Pro offers 64MP + 16MP + 5MP + 2MP sensors. Moreover, it has a single 32MP front-facing shooter on the front. In contrast, the Xiaomi Mi 12 has a pen-ta 108MP + 48MP + 48MP + 20MP + 2MP lens on the back of the camera. On the other hand, there is a single 44MP front-facing sensor for selfies. So, I think the Xiaomi phone is up in terms of camera.

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Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 Battery:

In terms of battery, the Nokia G300 Pro comes with high-end specs and a huge battery. The Nokia device has a huge 8000mAh juice box. Where its rival Xiaomi Mi 12 handset also carries a small 6600mAh battery cell. So, considering the Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 battery, the Nokia smartphone scored in the last round.

Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 Release Date & Price:

Finally, we will discuss the release date and price of the Nokia G300 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12 phone. The Nokia G300 Pro release date should be read in the second quarter of 2022. In contrast, the Xiaomi Mi 12 handset is set to launch the early next year 2022.

In terms of cost, the Nokia G300 Pro costs around $ 490. 36,536. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 12 starts at Rs. 69,999 ~ $ 942. Dear Customer, Here are the details of both the Nokia G300 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 12 phones. Which phone do you like? Drop your comments in the section below?

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