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How To Install Windows 11 On Your M2/M1 Mac?

Windows 11

Microsoft’s Spring Update to Windows 11 now includes new features, the first Amazon app, and more. Microsoft may deploy new features to your PC through Windows Update, the Microsoft Store, and new “Experience Packs.”

In this post, we will discuss how to install Windows 11 on Mac M2 very easily. Today we know that the operating system has improved. Apple Silicon chips have improved productivity and battery life while running macOS Monterey as well as macOS Ventura. macOS is not capable of installing a Windows operating system.

Windows 11

Install Windows 11 on your M2

It is true that Boot Camp is no longer available on M2 and M1 Macs. You can no longer use Windows directly on your machine. There is an easy way to use the Windows operating system on your Mac; The solution is a virtualization application.

Virtualization is one of the easiest ways to run any operating system on a computer. This will actually use your computer’s power to install Apple, as Microsoft doesn’t have virtualization software, but third-party companies have created virtual machine apps that you can use to evaluate Windows 11 on your M2 Mac directly.

Windows 11 installation process

Do you want to install Windows 11 on your Mac? Here’s how to install M1 and M2 with Mac. Recently, Mac users have been allowed to run Windows on Mac using various options. Importance of using Windows 11’s hardware TPM module. Which in parallel will enable you to install Windows 11 on Mac. Compatible with Intel and the latest Apple Silicon M1 and M2 Macs, as well as current versions of macOS Monterey

Install Windows 11 on Mac

Windows 11 Operating System on Mac The process of installing Windows 10 on Mac is a bit complicated. Because Windows 11 requires Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 capability TPM 2.0 is embedded on a computer’s motherboard to protect the security of the operating system. Neither M1 nor M2 Macs include a TPM on the motherboard. Many Windows PCs built before 2014 do not have TPM and cannot run Windows 11. Additionally, some Intel Macs have a TPM embedded in their CPUs, which theoretically allows those Macs to physically support Windows 11.

Installing Windows 11 on Mac M2

Hello, friends to install Windows 11 you need to have at least 64GB space on your Mac starting disk. However, we recommend a maximum of 128GB of free storage, as automatic updates will soon run out of storage space.

The Windows 11 download size is approximately 5GB, so if you’re running dangerously low on disk space, you may need to reclaim more hard drive space on your Mac to download it.

If you are unable to delete some data from your Mac hard drive, you should buy an external drive to transfer files from your Mac and free up space on your Mac.

After downloading install Win 11 Parallels for Mac.
For Intel and M1/M2 Macs, follow these instructions to install Windows 11.

Windows 11 is now automatically downloaded and installed by the latest version of Parallels 17, making it extremely easy to install Windows 11 on any Mac, including Intel and M1/M2 Macs.

If you don’t see the ability to install Windows 11 immediately, you must be running Parallels 17.1.1 or later.

You have two options: either upgrade to the latest version in parallel or choose Windows 11 (Multi-version ISO) from the Windows 11 download page to get a free ISO image of Windows 11 for your Mac from Microsoft.

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